Cognition. Education. Literacy.

Dr. McCarthy is recruiting
Master's and PhD students
for Fall 2022.

Have you ever:​

  • read a science textbook and, while you were able to read the words and sentences, you realized you didn't really understand what you read?

  • read a novel for your English class and had a very different interpretation of its meaning than your classmate?

  • tried to find out more about a specific social issue, but were overwhelmed by the (conflicting) information you found on the web?

If you've ever experienced these problems, then you've struggled with reading comprehension.

What we do:

Broadly, the research team investigates how people learn from what they read. We use quantitative, qualitative, and computational approaches to investigate the cognitive processes that occur during reading comprehension and the types of activities and interventions that best support learning from text.

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