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30th Annual Meeting of the

Society for Text & Discourse


The face-to-face conference in Atlanta has been canceled.​

This was not an easy decision. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary.  The conference committee planned a number of exciting events in honor of the anniversary year.  The quality of the research submitted to the conference is amazing and will make an excellent program.  As we indicated in our first letter, the health and welfare of our membership is our foremost concern.

For all the reasons why cancelling was a hard decision, we are committed to finding a way to disseminate the research submitted to the 2020 conference.  Additionally, we will still have a special issue of Discourse Processes where the authors of accepted presentations may submit their work to be considered for publication in the journal, pending the peer review process.

In our first letter, we indicated that we would have a solution to disseminate the accepted proposals by the time we informed you of a decision to cancel.  However, we have not yet decided on which option would best meet the needs of our members.  Hearing from the membership and those who submitted proposals to the conference is invaluable. In the next week, we will send out a survey to gauge your preferences for various options. We believe that it is possible to provide presenters a way to disseminate their research that will benefit the majority.

We want to end this letter by expressing our gratitude to the hard work of Daphne Greenberg, Liz Tighe, the Organizing Committee members, and the Program Review Committee.  They were devoted to creating a wonderful experience.  I am delighted to inform you that they unanimously agreed to hold the conference in Atlanta at a future date.  Please know that Oslo will remain our conference location for 2021.

This decision was not easy, but the health and welfare of our membership is of tantamount importance.




Joe Magliano, Ph.D.

Chair, Society for Text & Discourse

The Society for Text & Discourse is an international society of researchers studying all facets of discourse processing and text analysis.
Conference Chair

Daphne Greenberg

Program Chair

Liz Tighe

Organizing Committee

Sarah Carlson

Scott Crossley

Iris Feinberg

Scott Hinze

Katie McCarthy

Jessica Scott

Amani Talwar

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